Company Service Providers:

How can they manage they risk?

Identifying and managing risk in the CSP Industry has become of utmost importance. Without proper risk management practices a corporate service provider cannot function to its full capacity and without a solid risk management framework, its growth and sustainability could be somewhat hindered without adequate risk management practices that are proportionate to the nature, scale and complexity of the CSPs business model.
RMC Wise can assist Company Service Providers in the design and implementation of a fully functional risk management framework in line with the business model and target market of the Company. At RMC Wise, we have the required expertise to assist any CSP in the identification of risks in line with the business model vis-à-vis their clients, implementing and testing of appropriate mitigating activities and controls to manage the risks identified and ultimately assist with the adequate and comprehensive reporting to the senior officials of the Company.

How can RMC Wise help?

  • Reviewing the Governance Structure of the CSP;
  • Setting the CSPs Risk Management Framework;
  • Design and implementation of Risk Management Policies and Procedures in line with nature, scale and complexity of the business model;
  • Assist and review the Business Risk Assessment;
  • Assist the entity in adopting effective controls to manage the risks identified;
  • Setting, reviewing and monitoring the risks identified within the Risk Register of the CSP vis-à-vis its clients;
  • Assistance with reporting to senior management.