Stay Compliant

The Compliance function is key in the control structure of an organisation as it provides monitoring and correction of employee conduct and operations.
The compliance function ensures that the company is conducting its business in conformity with all national laws and regulations that pertain to the financial industry, as well as professional standards, accepted business practices and internal standards.
The RMCWise Compliance team is professionally trained to provide a service which would fit within in any organisation. Our aim is to maintain ethical and legal soundness through the establishment of sound policies and procedures that allow for the highest possible level of compliance.

Ongoing Compliance Support

RMCWise assists financial services operators with their regulatory obligations. Our compliance support is designed to assist you in addressing Regulator’s expectations and manage future regulatory developments. RMCWise can be engaged on a retained basis, by the task or on a ‘paid-hourly’ basis.

Support Services include:

  • Drafting of tailor-made compliance manuals, monitoring programmes and full compliance controls, policies and procedures (compliance framework);
  • Assistance with the design and maintenance of regulatory requirements, annual reports, and other internal controls;
  • Assistance with managing and addressing regulatory correspondence and notifications;
  • Financial Promotions, Marketing and Advertising Reviews;
  • Regular visits to the firm’s premises to introduce the compliance framework and train your team in its application.

Outsourced Compliance Function

Compliance plays a major role in the internal governance of an entity as it provides real-time monitoring and correction of employee conduct and operations.

RMCWise Compliance team is experienced and professionally trained to provide a service which would fit with an entity’s situation vis-à-vis the industry concerned as well as with any relevant standard rules and regulations. Members of our team can work on-site at your offices for the agreed tasks. Our solutions avoid the humdrum of identifying, recruiting, and on-boarding compliance talents.

MiFiD II Support

RMCWise have the solutions that entities need to address their MiFID II requirements. RMCWise can assist your firm by reviewing, benchmarking and testing your programme to identify gaps and minimise regulatory risk.


RMCWise can assist you in:

  • Transaction Reporting;
  • SFTR Reporting;
  • Systems & Controls for Record Keeping;
  • Maintenance of Data for Orders;
  • Best Execution Reporting;
  • RTS28 Reporting.

Ongoing Regulatory Reporting

RMCWise assists entities in identifying and reviewing thier regulatory reporting obligations. Our solution typically consists of a software implementation on your own IT systems, to create a centralised database to manage and collate the information required for the digital reporting. Having compiled the data for the reports, the system will then generate the report in the required XML format and allow for submission to the appropriate National Competent Authorities.

Regulatory reporting services cover:

  • Annex IV and Annex V Returns;
  • Solvency II;

AML Compliance Advisory

RMCWise experienced team offers advisory services and solutions to assist financial services firms in addressing financial crimes-related threats and regulatory concerns.

Advisory Services include:

  • Drafting and testing AML Program and Risk Management;
  • Drafting of tailormade AML and KYC/CDD Policies and Procedures;
  • Support and Surveillance in KYC/CDD function;
  • Assistance in compiling Business Risk Assesstment and Risk Evaluation Questionnaire;
  • Board of Directors Reporting;
  • Assistance with managing and addressing regulatory correspondence and notifications.