Risk Management
at our Core

RMCWise tailor risk management solutions based on a thorough understanding of your risk profile and objectives. Each client relationship is coordinated by a dedicated executive, who draws from our many industry and risk specialties to assemble the resources to analyse, measure, and help manage multiple risks. To every client interaction we bring an unmatched combination of deep intellectual capital, industry-specific expertise, global experience, and collaboration.
RMCWise defines risks and opportunities by understanding your business, and identifying, quantifying, and gauging your tolerance for risk. We then determine what and how much risk to manage, mitigate, or transfer.
RMCWise works with clients of all sizes to define, design, and deliver innovative solutions to better quantify and manage risk. We deliver results by using our comprehensive capabilities and optimally designed set of risk solutions.
RMCWise offer risk management, risk consulting, insurance broking, alternative risk financing, and insurance program management services to businesses, government entities, organizations, and individuals around the world.

Governance, Policies & Procedures

Developing robust policies, plans, and procedures to protect your firm from data breaches and efficiently recover from a cyber incident or significant business disruption is of crucial importance. RMCWise can assist in implementing a comprehensive information security program that enables the management to identify and manage risks, foster a culture of security, and prepare for any incident.

Services include:

  • Drafting and testing of Business Continuity Planning;
  • Drafting of Business Impact Analysis;
  • Assist with assessing your company’s compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) requirements;
  • Assist with drafting of Risk Management Policies and Procedures.

BCP and BIA Policies and Procedures

RMCWise provides business continuity planning development and implementation assistance which is designed to help your company address its operational and other risks in the event of a disruption, as well as meet upcoming regulatory obligations.

We also provide advisory services and assistance to you ensure that your company’s BCP meets the requirements of the appropriate National Competent Authorities.

GDPR Compliance

RMCWise experts will review your firm’s personal data processing activities to create data inventories, identifying risks and gaps relative to the requirements of GDPR and assist with structuring an action plan to address deficiencies. In addition, we provide training to ensure that your staff gain a broader understanding of their role in meeting GDPR requirements.

Risk Management Policies and Procedures

RMCWise experts will review all processes performed by your firm and assist in the drafting of Risk Management Policies and Procedures.  The focus here will be to establish and foster a Risk Management Culture within the firm and provide a tailor-made risk management solution by implementing effective and efficient policies and procedures. The scope of this will be to address any potential quantitative and qualitative risks faced by the firm.

Outsourced Risk Management Function

An effective and efficient day-to-day risk management is critical to an organisation’s people, processes, and long-term viability. The risk management function serves as a pivotal role given its ubiquitous position within an organisation at the crossroads of the operational, financial, accounting, and strategic functions. A proven, structured approach to assessing and developing a risk-aware culture can mitigate risk across an entire organisation.

While many organizations employ such individuals on a full-time basis, others do not due to convention, organisation capacity and size, or budgetary issues. Regardless, RMCWise specialists can provide the expertise where and as required both in terms of quantitative and qualitative risk management.

RMCWise professionals have the experience and expertise required to assist organisations streamline their risk management activities. During a preliminary risk management function review, RMCWise will assist the management team with determining the current and desired state of its risk management function. We offer cost-effective solutions to meet each organisation’s risk management objectives and expectations.

Limited Outsourcing Model

RMCWise provides organisations with a thorough review of their risk management department by first documenting and assessing current doings to record key process steps. Following such an assessment, RMCWise professionals will recommend an in-depth benchmarking excercise with RMCWise’s understanding of best practices. At the completion of the exercise, RMCWise will make recommendations to improve the overall process efficiency and effectiveness of an organisation’s risk management department.

Hybrid Outsourcing Model

Within this model, RMCWise offers the outsourcing of a limited range of risk financing, management reporting, and risk administration activities as agreed with the client together with the service offered in the Limted outsourcing model. RMCWise risk experts can build, implement, and maintain risk improvement programs, thereby mitigating the potential impact of operational risks.

Full Outsourcing Model

Members of our team will be working on-site at your offices for an agreed number of hours. In addition to the services provided in the limited and hybrid outsourcing models, RMCWise specialists, led by a senior risk professional, can:

  • Train and mentor risk professionals.
  • Assisting in communicating major risk management policies and procedures.
  • Assist with building key internal partnerships to optimize the risk management function.

UCITS and AIF Managers Ongoing Reporting

We provide with regular frequency, ranging from daily to monthly, risk exposure reporting to fulfill the AIFM obligations. These include:

  • UCITS Reporting;
  • AIFMD Reporting;
  • Eligibility Reporting
  • VaR Reporting;
  • Leverage Reporting;
  • Scenario Analysis and Stress Testing Reporting;
  • Liquidity Risk and Liquidity Stress Testing Reporting;
  • Performance and Risk Attribution Analysis;
  • Board of Directors and Depositary Reporting.

In addition to the above reporting, RMCWise experts offer additional adhoc services on Liquidity Risk Management and Liquidity Stess Testing.  In view of the recent focus by both local and international regulators on Liquidity Risk Management, RMCWise experts can assist in the process of creating and implementing an in-depth Liquidity Risk Management Policy, which covers Liquidty Stess Testing and is in line with the UCITS and AIFMD requirements.

Cyber Risk Support and Advisory

Organisations now operate in a digital business environment with increasing reliance on IT systems. Inevitably, this exposes organisations to cyber risks that can harm the operations of the business. RMCWise can offer professional assistance to draft and implement a Cyber Risk Governance process to assist you in identifying cyber threats landscape and how threats can affect the organisation’s finance, business model and reputation.